On not believing our minds so much

Dr Natalie Raiher, Chartered Psychologist and Clinic Director Our minds, the dense packaging of neurons and experience, are absolutely miraculous. There is no doubt of that. The same part of us that can smell and taste, jump out of the way of traffic before we even know it’s there, remember umpteen passwords, ride a […]

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Dr Natalie Raiher, Chartered Psychologist and Clinic Director

Running on empty: how our ideas can exhaust us

Many people who come to see me arrive exhausted. And it’s not from the lack of a good night’s sleep, or from running a marathon. It’s from the constant rigid and unrelentingly high standards they impose […]

Stress and healing

James Raiher, Osteopath and Clinic Director

We’ve known for a long time that stress has an effect on healing. Hans Selye borrowed the term from mechanical engineering way back in 1936 and he originally saw stress as a uniformly bad thing. Somehow we have been left with this view of stress, and […]

Living in Uncertain Times

Dr Natalie Raiher, Chartered Psychologist and Clinic Director

Things are looking more normal after the slow tumult of the last eighteen months: people are back in shops, restaurants are open and James Bond is back in the cinemas but things are certainly different from how they were before. We cannot un-experience the […]

Do you feel under pressure to cope “well” during lockdown?

Dr Natalie Raiher, Chartered Psychologist and Clinic Director

Right now, we’re being besieged by information on how to cope. Or rather, how best to cope and be at our best while coping. We’re being told how to minimize anxiety, improve mood, keep families busy, learn to craft, exercise on sofas and cultivate […]

6 Practical Strategies for Coping with Social Distancing

Dr Natalie Raiher, Chartered Psychologist and Clinic Director

These are unprecedented times and everyone is experiencing an upsurge in fear, anxiety and uncertainty about the day ahead, let alone the longer-term future. I wanted to share with you as many practical tools and skills that I can to help you manage any symptoms of […]

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Overcoming insomnia – top tips for sleep

Dr Natalie Raiher, Chartered Psychologist

With more and more people struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep, perpetual tiredness and its fair friend ‘tired but wired’ are very common complaints. While sleep medications may offer short term relief, they don’t solve the problem, as very often falling asleep, staying asleep and enjoying replenishing […]

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The Benefits of Postpartum Massage

Alice Marno, Sports and Pregnancy Massage Therapist

In some cultures, after a woman has had a baby, her community gives her a 40 day care period where she is looked after and restored to full health. She has massages every day, doesn’t go to work or do any housework and mostly remains […]

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Holiday hack – how to get away from should and must

Dr Natalie Raiher, Chartered Psychologist

There is a reason that so much satire and farce is set in vacation season, and that’s because right next to the sublime shores and long, lazy days, is the holiday alter-ego: the family tensions, inability to relax, or self-loathing in a swimsuit – often accompanied by […]

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