Five sports psychology techniques we can learn from the England football team

Dr Josephine Perry, Sports Psychology Consultant

Five of the techniques I noticed being used by the England team replicate well over to many other sports and learning about them could help us all to have better performances, whatever field, court or track we compete on.

1. Seeing competitions as […]

Tips for living well with arthritis

James Raiher, Osteopath and Clinic Director

Osteoarthritis – the most common cause of arthritis – causes joint stiffness, pain and loss of mobility, but it affects different people in different ways. Wear and tear or inflammatory processes lead to thinning of the cartilage in the joints, resulting in pain and inflammation. Typically this […]

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Guest blog post – Yoga or Pilates?

Sabine Fischer, Pilates Instructor

We’re constantly bombarded by the media about physical fitness. There are tons of reasons why we should get off our chairs and be active in today’s increasingly automated and sedentary culture. Practising any exercise does not only result in a good appearance, but also reduces stress and brings peace […]

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Tennis injuries – part 2 – bursitis of the shoulder

Tessa Glover, Sports Massage Therapist

The shoulder is a very shallow ball and socket joint which means it is highly mobile but not very stable. Muscles provide most of the joint stability. The most common shoulder injuries in tennis players are disturbance of soft tissues – and cartilage – caused by overuse […]

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The Benefits of Postpartum Massage

Alice Marno, Sports and Pregnancy Massage Therapist

In some cultures, after a woman has had a baby, her community gives her a 40 day care period where she is looked after and restored to full health. She has massages every day, doesn’t go to work or do any housework and mostly remains […]

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Stress and healing

James Raiher, Osteopath and Clinic Director

We’ve known for a long time that stress has an effect on healing. Hans Selye borrowed the term from mechanical engineering way back in 1936 and he originally saw stress as a uniformly bad thing. Somehow we have been left with this view of stress, and […]

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The Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Alice Marno, Sports and Pregnancy Massage Therapist

Pregnancy is a very special time, but it also requires huge adaptation from the body and mind. Dramatic changes in posture, weight and hormones, as well as the shifting of organs, increased pressure on the diaphragm, and the enlargement of the chest can understandably cause […]

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Tennis injuries and how to avoid them – part 1 – the sprained ankle

Tessa Glover, Sports Massage Therapist

Ankle sprains account for as much as one-fifth of injuries in athletes. The sudden sideways movements that are required during tennis can cause the ankle to twist, particularly if the surface is slippery or the player is fatigued.

A twisted ankle usually causes a strain and sometimes even a tear […]

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