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Tessa Glover ISRM/BTEC (Level 5) Professional Diploma in Sport and Remedial Massage

Tessa graduated in 2012 from the London School of Sports Massage with a Level 5 Professional Diploma in Clinical Sport and remedial massage therapy.

Since qualifying as a massage therapist she has continued to increase her knowledge and skills by completing the advanced Western Medical Acupuncture (dry needling) and Electro Acupuncture courses and attending many lectures and workshops in various massage and health related subjects including running injuries and nutrition.

As well as treating runners, triathletes, cyclists, cricketers and tennis players Tessa sees an equal amount of non-sport related injuries. She works with people who are suffering from a broad range of conditions including work-related poor posture and post operative rehabilitation. She also enjoys working with older clients who are seeking relief from knee, neck and shoulder pain helping gain a greater range of movement to keep them active and independent.

Tessa recognises the value of working closely with other disciplines such as osteopathy, strength training, yoga and Pilates to try to obtain the best recovery results for her clients.

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Tessa Glover, Sports massage therapist at The Practice at 322 in West Hampstead

Alice Marno LSSM/BTEC (Level 5) Professional Diploma in Sport and Remedial Massage

Alice grew up as a keen sports person and has always been interested in health and wellness and how best to get the body working optimally. She became a personal trainer in 2006 and soon focused on pre- and post-natal women as she felt that this was an area of training that was lacking and needed more support.

Over the years Alice has worked with a broad range of clients from sports people to office workers and followed a natural progression into becoming a soft tissue therapist through the London School of Sports Massage. Since her training she has continued her work with a number of sportspeople and sports teams, including the England Mens Indoor Lacrosse Team and Bracknell Rugby Club, helping them diagnose, treat and tape various injuries both on match days and in training.

Alice has also continued her professional development with pregnancy massage training via Jenny Burrell Education. She has also helped a multitude of people with poor posture, general aches repetitive strains and has found the combination of exercise and massage work really well together on helping to keep those pains away.

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Tessa Glover, Sports massage therapist at The Practice at 322 in West Hampstead