Dr Josephine Perry, Sports Psychology Consultant


Sport is fantastic for our mental, physical and social health. Whether as a professional athlete or as an amateur, competing in a sport we love gives us to space to reflect, goals to achieve and offers a host of adventures. But sometimes our sport can start to lose its magic and we need some support to get back on track. As a Sport Psychology consultant I can help you do this.

It may be you need to learn techniques and strategies to overcome a specific issue you are facing such as an injury, lost motivation, anxiety in competition, low-confidence, showing anger or frustration, or feeling like you are failing to improve. Here we teach psychological techniques to help you get on top of your concerns and get you performing again. You may not have any specific issues but are really keen to achieve your very best in your sport and use every option available to you to do so. If this is the case then some time spent learning some psychological techniques will help you to benefit more from your training and positively improve your performance in competition.

My approach uses a mix of humanistic and cognitive behavioural psychology. I am a member of the British Psychological Society (BPS), the British Association of Sport & Exercise Sciences (BASES) and the Association of Applied Sports Psychologists (AASP). I have worked in elite sport in the UK, am a regular contributor to Athletics Weekly and Cycling Weekly and am often quoted in national media offering solutions for athletes who are looking improve their mindsets so they can achieve their sporting ambitions.

I work across a wide range of sports and have recently worked with athletes in Rowing, Cycling, Running, Triathlon, Fencing, Track and Field, Golf, Tennis, Squash, Stunt Cheerleading and Rugby and those training in the performing arts to become dancers. I have a specific interest in helping athletes recover from injury, both to mentally cope with the injury but also using sports psychology techniques to help speed up the physical recovery.

Session structure and fees:
You can use sports psychology in the way which works best for your individual needs. If you are looking to work on a specific issue the sessions may be focused weekly over a six week period with follow ups as and when required. If you are wanting to learn a wide range of mental skills techniques to fully equip yourself in your sport then up to 10 sessions may be required. You may also be looking for long-term ongoing support to follow your progress as you develop in your sport and this is also available.

Within the first session we will be able to discuss the most suitable method for you and contract to work together for that period of time, building in regular reviews and the opportunity to re-contract as suits you.

If you would like to make an appointment please email contact@thepracticeat322.co.uk or call 020 7018 0770.

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