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Psychological therapies encompass psychology, psychotherapy and counselling. These confidential talking therapies help people to attain stability at times of crisis, make sense of difficulties, and reconnect with their vitality and creativity. The disciplines differ in their philosophical foundations, length of training and are regulated by their own professional bodies. All are united by a belief in the ability of safe, non-judgemental interpersonal space to facilitate healing, growth and development.

Sports psychology can help you to do even better in the sport you love. Whether you are an athlete, coach or the parent of a young athlete, speak to us to find out what a consultation with a sports psychologist could offer you.

All the therapists at The Practice at 322 have been trained to the highest level and are experienced and specialised in their field. We adhere to the highest ethical professional standards and are committed to our ongoing clinical training and development.

If you would like to make an appointment to see one of the therapists please call us on 020 7018 0770 or email