James Raiher M.Ost DO ND MA(hons)

James is Clinic Director at the Practice at 322. He has a lifelong interest in health and wellbeing and sees patients with a wide variety of problems. James graduated from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine with a Masters in Osteopathic Medicine. Since qualifying as an osteopath he has been committed to gaining extensive experience treating adults, children and babies. He has completed further training in Western Medical Acupuncture (dry needling), cranial osteopathy with the Sutherland School, and paediatrics.

With many years of practice in the Japanese art of aikido, he has a special interest in shoulder problems, back pain and sports injuries. James regularly works with yoga teachers, pilates instructors and personal trainers to tailor a treatment plan for the patient. He also carries out running analysis for runners and triathletes.

Alongside clinical work, James has published in the International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine and is involved in peer review work for the publication. He is a guest assessor at the British School of Osteopathy and a course tutor on Gavin Burt’s Minimally Invasive Manipulation professional development course for osteopaths. He also provides mentoring for students of osteopathy and is a clinic tutor at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine.

In March 2017, together with Natalie, they opened The Practice at 322 to provide West Hampstead with a centre of excellence in osteopathy, sports massage and psychology.

James is registered with the General Osteopathic Council and the Institute of Osteopathy.

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James Raiher, Osteopath at The Practice at 322 in West Hampstead

Hwapyeong (HP) Shon M.Ost ND DO BSc.TCM

Hwapyeong graduated from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine with a Masters in Osteopathy. Since he became a registered Osteopath, Hwapyeong has helped a wide range of patients, from dancers to runners, office workers to pregnant mums.

Hwapyeong has always been fascinated by the human body, and with his desire to help people on a more personal level he pursued a career in health care. He first studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and then Osteopathy, both of which offer an individualistic approach to patient care.

During his studies he went through extensive training and experiences in various London clinics and hospitals, and even spent time at a hospital in China, treating patients and learning Tuina (Chinese traditional medical massage).

The biomechanical approach of Osteopathy compliments the harmonious approach of Chinese Medicine. Although the two modalities seem very different, they both share the philosophy that when the body is in balance, it will stay healthy, and when the body is out of balance it will become unhealthy. Hwapyeong believes that by restoring this balance using Osteopathy and Acupuncture, the body will regain health and vitality. Using this principle, Hwapyeong is passionate about treating patients of all ages with musculoskeletal injuries and pain, digestive problems, sinus problems, insomnia, general wellbeing and more.

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HP Shon, Osteopath at The Practice at 322 in West Hampstead

Jackie Read M.Ost ND DO

Jackie is a general practice osteopath, treating a wide spectrum of patients ranging from office workers to sportsmen and women, from children to the elderly. Before becoming an osteopath, Jackie enjoyed a 15-year career in the health and fitness industry as a personal trainer and a Pilates and general exercise class instructor, developing along the way a keen interest in the human body and the maintenance of health through movement. Studying osteopathy was a natural progression for Jackie and she graduated with a Master’s Degree in Osteopathy with Distinction from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Jackie has maintained her passion for fitness, especially Pilates and functional exercise techniques, particularly given how they assist in rehabilitating patients from injury and helping maintain efficient movement patterns and healthy posture.

Jackie’s studies include a diploma in Naturopathy and an additional focus on natural healing including hydrotherapy, nutrition and fasting. This enables Jackie to produce tailor-made holistic programs for patients with exercise prescription, diet and lifestyle advice, as well as supplementary treatments such as dry needling and taping as required.

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HP Shon, Osteopath at The Practice at 322 in West Hampstead