Being a Great Sports Parent

Dr Josephine Perry, Sports Psychology Consultant

Sport is really important for children. The physical benefits are obvious but research has also found school children who exercise improve their sociable behaviour, their classroom conduct, control their emotions better and perform better on school tests. It also increases their self-esteem and confidence, improves their sleep, reduces […]

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Stress and healing

James Raiher, Osteopath and Clinic Director

We’ve known for a long time that stress has an effect on healing. Hans Selye borrowed the term from mechanical engineering way back in 1936 and he originally saw stress as a uniformly bad thing. Somehow we have been left with this view of stress, and […]

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The Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Alice Marno, Sports and Pregnancy Massage Therapist

Pregnancy is a very special time, but it also requires huge adaptation from the body and mind. Dramatic changes in posture, weight and hormones, as well as the shifting of organs, increased pressure on the diaphragm, and the enlargement of the chest can understandably cause […]

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