Tennis injuries and how to avoid them – part 1 – the sprained ankle

Tessa Glover, Sports Massage Therapist

Ankle sprains account for as much as one-fifth of injuries in athletes. The sudden sideways movements that are required during tennis can cause the ankle to twist, particularly if the surface is slippery or the player is fatigued.

A twisted ankle usually causes a strain and sometimes even a tear […]

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Superstition in sport

Dr Josephine Perry, Sports Psychology Consultant

Wimbledon is on its way. Along with the famous strawberries and cream, the immaculately turned out ball boys and girls and all of our favourite tennis players there is something else which might keep your interest while watching. Superstition spotting.

Serena Williams’ pregnancy means we will miss her superstitions […]

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Getting a handle on social media and self-esteem

Dr Natalie Raiher, Chartered Psychologist

The latest research is showing strong ties between social media use, anxiety and depression. One of the reasons for this is the inevitable self-comparison that goes along with scrolling through other people’s lives. In this piece, Dr Natalie Raiher discusses how to make yourself more resilient to a hashtagged […]

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