Welcome to the Practice at 322 West End Lane

The Practice at 322 is a centre of expertise in osteopathy, sports massage and psychology in the heart of West Hampstead. Our team of dedicated healthcare practitioners provides clinical excellence and patient-focused care for people of all ages.

Call us on 020 7018 0770 to make an appointment, or book online securely.

We relieve pain and stiffness in the body. We treat sports injuries, chronic pain, arthritis, pre- and post-natal women, babies and repetitive and accidental injuries. We are experts in treating low back pain, neck pain and sciatica.

Sports massage is a hands-on soft tissue therapy which relieves muscular stresses and strains. It improves muscle condition and promotes relaxation, and it enhances physical performance and reduces stress.

Our psychology team specialises in providing expert care to help alleviate your suffering and support you to build a future that is filled with greater meaning, and which is more aligned with your most cherished goals and values.

James treated me for longstanding low back pain. I have seen a lot of practitioners (physios, chiropractors and osteopaths) and I would have to say James is among the best at what he does. He’s careful, knowledgeable and thorough. My problem feels better than it has for years.

My husband and I have been seeing James for many years and he is truly superb. James’ ability to quickly identify the root cause of the problem and treat it effectively is the best I’ve experienced. He is great at explaining what is going on, the treatment you need and why. Hard to beat!

Tessa has an instinctive intelligent handling of the body. I felt immediately at ease and could tell from first contact I was in good hands. Her knowledge of the bodies soft tissues was apparent during the session. I would not hesitate to recommend Tessa as an excellent sports and remedial massage therapist.


James has proved absolutely invaluable in relieving the chronic pain I have accumulated through horse riding. As a holistic practitioner, he also successfully treated my shin splints and provides excellent advice on all health matters in a concise and easy to understand manner.


I was treated by HP for a bad neck and back. He was very friendly and thorough when he examined me. The session was very helpful for my neck and back, and he also suggested some home execise for self-treatment. I definitely recommend him and plan to go back again!


I have been treated by James on and off for a number of years, whenever I have a problem. His knowledge in understanding my conditions and the treatment and care I receive from him is always outstanding. I would highly recommend him. The Practice is a warm, friendly and welcoming space.


I am a regular with Tessa. I totally trust her which is so important with a sports massage therapist. As well as really understanding the body and focusing on the areas that need help, she also provides great advice. So far I’m injury free in her safe hands, even despite the regular running I do.


I’ve seen both the osteopaths and the sports massage therapists at The Practice at 322 and they have all been absolutely on the ball. They are professional and identify the underlying problem, and they’re totally honest in their advice which I really appreciate. Absolutely recommend.


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